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MHF - South Yarra - Mood Disorders Support Group

Meetings are held at: Mental Health Foundation, Suite J, 450 Chapel St South Yarra. Tel: 9826 1422
Interval: Every third Tuesday of the month (7:30pm to 9:00 pm).

The Mood Disorders Support Group meets every third Thursday of the month from 7.30 to 9.00 pm. All meetings are held at Suite J, 450 Chapel St South Yarra..  Meetings are free and anyone with a mood disorder, their family or friends are welcome to attend.

Goals of the Mood Disorders Support Group are:-
- to provide friendship and support to those with a mood disorder, their family and friends
- to educate sufferers, families and the general public about the management of the disorder
- to improve the quality of health care and the general wellbeing of our members
- to promote research into the causes and improved treatment of uni-polar
- bipolar and general anxiety and depressive illnesses
- recognise depression and other mood disorders as illnesses
- realise that depression is not all of who you are; be informed about the disorder and treatments available
- Take an active role in your own treatment and stress management; utilise specialist professional advice

Contact: MHF on Tel: 9826 1422 E

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